Age of The Republic

Server is hosted in the United States
Main Age of The Republic Server
Main servers are where all of your progress is stored.

No deployment is available at this time.

Server is hosted in the United States
Main Age of The Republic Server
Main servers are where all of your progress is stored.


Server is hosted in the United States
Age of The Republic Arcade Server
Arcade servers are where you can earn additional progress towards the main server.

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Server is hosted in the European Union



What makes Age of The Republic stand out?

Community Driven

Aside from our community members having the obvious power of suggesting content and changes in which we take very seriously, they also directly affect the course of development through their in-game actions during missions as they are taken through chapters of stories & seasons of content.

From The Ground, Up.

We use a fully unique gamemode that is a signature of DefconGaming. Since our original launch in 2019, we have since created an entirely new inventory which alone gives players possibly hundreds or thousands of hours of gameplay if they have the itch for RPG-styled loot.

Unrepetitive Gameplay

The sole premise of Age of The Republic was to provide players with a method to roleplay on garry's mod at any time of day or night with any amount of players, and still be able to have fun & have plenty of things to do for roleplay, progression, and customization purposes.

Pride In Security

We take the utmost pride and care in what we do for the sake of security of our community. We want to provide an experience that everyone can enjoy without any harassment or malicious thought. Our servers are secure, and so is our Discord. Members must have an active account on the server to be able to interact on our Discord.

Our Team

Reker |

 Server Manager 

Mothman |

 Head Administrator 


 Lead Contributor 





Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Age of The Republic unique?

We offer hundreds of hours of entertainment and purely custom content curated by Star Wars fans, for Star Wars fans. Age of The Republic runs on it's very own custom gamemode that no other server has, as it's exclusively owned & powered by DefconGaming.

Since our beginning, we have had the concrete-set goal of doing things differently, like nobody else has. On Age of The Republic, not only can you go headfirst into battle as a Clone Trooper or master the ways of the force as a Jedi Knight, but you can also cultivate & manufacture Spices, Set up your own market or store, Distill & distribute alcoholic beverages, Rob both NPC and Player stores, Build or purchase a home, Craft and modify weapons, Cook food, Collect and loot items and cosmetics, trade food, ammo, or cosmetics & weapons with other players, and much, much more.

How do I play Age of The Republic?

Age of The Republic is entirely free to play as long as you own a copy of Garry's Mod on Steam.
If you own Garry's Mod, you can join our server using the server previews at the top of this page, by using, or you can find our servers manually in the Garry's Mod multiplayer listings.

How can I join the Discord?

We require an active verification to access our Discord, so first you'll need to go in-game and type " !discord " in chat. Copy the code that is given to you, then go to our Discord and in any chat you can type " /verify " and paste the code in the appropriate box. You are then able to access our Discord, and you'll also get some nifty features!