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  1. Yess Papa

    Hello Anaxes!

  2. Yess Papa

    Server Suggestion Bring back the RPS

    +1. Most things in the RPS worked and flowed really well. It was much nicer to have a regiment committed to flying and that be it. Also as of now 'Pilot' officers also have to give normal training like sims which doesn't really make sense as they are a 'pilot'. Also people who want to be a pilot...
  3. Yess Papa

    Server Suggestion Make Vehicles Cheaper

    This was already being looked into. pepejedi
  4. Yess Papa

    Post your Set-Ups

    No place on the discord for people to share and talk about their Set-Ups so... If you really want to flex post your specs with it 🤷‍♂️ Here's mine:
  5. Yess Papa

    Life What is your go to McDonald's order?

    20 nuggets and coca cola.
  6. Yess Papa

    Server Suggestion Chat scroll lock

    Already a thing. Locked
  7. Yess Papa

    Other Suggestion Chad phase 2 pilot helmet

    The phase 2 pilots helmets literally make me sick :sick:
  8. Yess Papa

    Other Suggestion Pilot RP

    It's a nice idea and something I always wanted to do, as with knowing real-world aviation ATC terminology I wanted to make it as close as possible. The main problems that other Pilots may face are that it would be an overwhelming amount of things to learn and remember. Furthermore, when your in...
  9. Yess Papa

    AOTR/DG When did you join Defcon Nations?

    Yall need to learn what Necroposting is... Post locked.
  10. Yess Papa

    Kal Cabur

    Taught by yours truly...
  11. Yess Papa

    AOTR/DG When did you join Defcon Nations?

    I can't remember the exact date. But I've almost been staff for 2 years.
  12. Yess Papa

    BE careful when farting

    Well done to Swash, Squidy, Schafer, Father Molester, Microwave who all broke the rule of Necroposting. Topic Locked
  13. Yess Papa

    Graphics Cards?

    I also have an Audio-Technica 2020 with a Behringer UMC22 and an external 4tb HDD