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    AOTR/DG Are Loot Crates a Scam?

    @Sully Few things; Your math was surprisingly correct for Unique, Mythic, and Specialized, but you are entirely wrong for Classified, Industrial, and Standard. Your math is in the same breath entirely incorrect, as it's not a percentage-based system. It's all an RNG number game that also gets...
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    Other Suggestion Regimental Drill Instructors

    Seems more of a Republic Command thing than a Regimental thing.
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    Other Suggestion Shooting targets as droppable props for troops to use

    This was already added in the Underworld Update. Manufactured Dummies can be purchased from Clone Officer vendor in Command Bridge on Anaxes, or from one of the Civilian vendors on Coruscant. The Handmade Dummies can be purchased from one of the Civilian vendors on Anaxes.
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    Server Suggestion Bring back the RPS

    Republic Pilots have not been a thriving or even just a healthy regiment since eddy was Commander, which is why it has undergone so many changes. I'm gonna start with this one and tear my way down the list. Most things in the RPS worked and flowed well because the regiments then didn't compete...
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    Server Suggestion Custom Crosshair

    That's like the same as ours but green? Even then, wouldn't you have two crosshairs on your screen?
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    Other Suggestion 212th Model & Lore InConsistency

    All Ghost Company can swap between desert camoflauge and white alternative skins. This is also available to 41st Scout & Ranger Battalions.
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    Bug Unable to see my armor on my character and others properly

    @Drew My guess is that you may have either a conflicting addon that you personally downloaded/subscribed to from the workshop or a conflicting addon that was cached from joining different servers. Other than that, it could very will be an issue with your beta branch/version of garrys mod, or a...
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    Server Suggestion Adding the bad batch

    Yall tearing into a player who hasn't been in the community for long just for suggesting to add new characters is upsetting. @Flame Bad Batch cant exist in our server for a few arguable reasons, however one of the main ones is just general power. Hunter can "track" or sense relatively anything...
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    How to get "Playing Age Of The Republic" status on Discord

    Note: Use at your own risk; We aren't responsible if you can't install it right and break your gmod or if it doesn't pass your virus check or something. Very easy tutorial for how to get that "Playing Age Of The Republic" status on Discord as shown below. This will also work for any other...
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    Other Suggestion SPUTNIK 14's Suggestion: A better Y-Wing for better immersion.

    The newly released one you linked without the additional skins. Only reason the NBT Heavy Bomber came to exist is because the older Y-Wing on workshop broke over time with garry's mod and LFS updates.
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    Other Suggestion SPUTNIK 14's Suggestion: A better Y-Wing for better immersion.

    The Y-Wing was already planned to replace to NBT Heavy Bomber in the next update.
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    Class Suggestion 104th Howler Company

    This is the equivalent to 332nd Trooper existing over 501st Jumptrooper. I'm all for it, can't promise anything soon. babyyodahappy
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    Other Suggestion Social media presence

    To be honest, when it comes to TikTok or YouTube that can generally be done by anyone who plays the server and doesn't have to be someone within our team.
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    Class Suggestion ARC Loadout Buff

    aren't you a ct... yet you make tons of suggestions weekly? you arent even ENLISTED.